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Welcome to our web site!
You're probably wondering just who we are.

What we have in common is that we are university students. Some of us have never done this before. And then again some of us have, but it was years ago. Weddings, funerals and children may have intervened, or it could be a change of career from a dead-end job in an attempt to avoid being bitter and twisted in our old age.

Failing eyesight and hearing puts us in the front row at lectures. Failing memory forces us to tape every word. We all use Zimmerframes and go on about the old days and some of us even wear Brylcreem. Is this true? NO! But it sounds good...
(and it may even partially reflect some of your perceptions)

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For many reasons, we have been driven to leave our former jobs and embark on the first steps towards a new career. But it's foggy and sometimes we can't see the path. We hope that is a guiding hand leading us and not a delusion.

Many of us have demands of home and family to juggle with our study. Most of us end up somehow feeling guilty. We have bills and are on first name terms with our debt-collectors. We don't have dinner cooked for us when we get home. We have to do magic to fit everything in and sometimes we even manage to! Sometimes, though, we don't know why we're doing this.

And there's no denying that doing this is hard. But we are united in believing that it would be even HARDER not to! We all of us in our own way seem driven by an urge to SHINE.